Court proceedings and arbitration

The lawyers of Drzewiecki, Tomaszek & Partners – Office in Gdynia have broad experience in the scope of court disputes and arbitration proceedings covering all areas of law and types of proceedings. We represent entrepreneurs in proceedings before public authorities. We handle court cases, beginning with pretrial proceedings, through mediation, negotiations, court trial in all instances, including ones before the Supreme Court, ending with debt collection.

Our main purpose is to secure the interests of our Clients in such a way as to limit, as far as possible, the number of court proceedings through the introduction of legal mechanisms into activities performed in the course of day-to-day business operations that will limit the occurrence of disputes. Should they happen to occur, we aim to reach an out-of-court and amicable resolution.

We are aware that court proceedings may result in the freezing of funds for the unidentified period of time, usually for many years, and the necessity to incur significant costs of the proceedings themselves, including the uncertain result of enforcement proceedings. Therefore, we focus mainly on offering of solutions that will make possible avoiding the above consequences, and if court settlement turns out to be necessary, we suggest solutions for expediting the resolution of a dispute and securing assets of the debtor in order to conduct effective collection proceedings.

We also undertake preventive activities aimed at securing the Client’s interests against the repatriation of assets by unreliable counterparties or the application of unfair practices by them aimed at preventing the effective assertion of claims due to the Client.